Year 11

  • VCALINT001 Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (Intermediate)
  • SIS20313 Certificate II in Sport and Recreation

Year 12

  • VCALSEN001 Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (Senior)
  • SIS30513 Certificate III in Sport and Recreation

Focus Areas

Complete an industry recognised coaching qualification and develop the skills and attributes needed to teach sport to a wide variety of people.  Access SEDA’s industry experts and sporting partners to gain a greater understanding of coaching principles and the development of coaching sessions.  You get to develop your skills in real settings in a junior development capacity for your sport.  Through this area of study you will develop your planning and collaborative skills, as well as increase your confidence to communicate to both large and small groups.
Learn concepts related to athlete training and development from Industry professionals associated with elite sporting clubs and state sporting bodies. As the athlete, you will access gym and fitness facilities and learn from your own practical experiences about fitness testing, data analysis, anatomy/physiology, energy systems, training principles and sport specific training.
Start your career path now by having the opportunity to work within the sport, recreation and related industries through volunteering and structured work placements. You will explore career possibilities in actual work place settings and develop the skills and attributes valued by employers.  We also work with you to understand the value of volunteering, building your resume and developing your networks.
Get out of the classroom and develop your leadership skills as your ideas turn into real events and activities. Link with our industry partners to plan and run outdoor recreation activities. You will also learn about the principles of sustainability and the importance of applying these to conserve natural environments for everyone to enjoy.
Develop your playing, officiating and administrative skills through structured competitions. You get to play sport, but also learn about what happens behind the scenes to organise and run competitions.
Learn about the big business of sport and the influence of money. Understand athlete management and salaries, sports marketing, the role of media and communications, as well as the key strategies of national and state sporting associations and elite sporting clubs.
Connect with the strategies of SEDA’s sporting partners to run sporting activities and programs with special needs and community groups. Understand the influence of sport in the community and how it can shape culture and behaviour. Learn and experience how sport can break down barriers and bring people together. You will get the opportunity to develop community projects and meet a diverse range of people.
Take the time to develop your physical, mental and social wellbeing.  Experience the same learning that is provided to the players and athletes of many of our sporting partners.