Be A Game Changer

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Change The Game – Prepare Yourself for Future Success

We know that students in their final school years have a lot on their minds. Preparing for further education or the workforce and growing up, while still having fun with peers are just some of the challenges they face. Students may already have a vision for their future and know their passions, however are unsure of how to make them into a career.

At SEDA College, we believe that every student should seek out their passions and be given the opportunity to achieve success. To be a true game changer and achieve their goals, they need courage and key life skills.

Lead the Pack

If you’re ready to give yourself a head start and get your foot in the door, there are certain skills you can start developing now to give yourself the best chance at success:

Being a great communicator is very important for the workforce and it’s something you can learn at school. As a student, you’re already learning how to communicate effectively, creatively and with confidence.

Some are great communicators from birth, while others need practice to get there. If you’re in the latter group, speaking up in class or leading group presentations will certainly help get you up to speed.

Team Player
Being a good team player is incredibly important for the future, as you will often need to collaborate with others on projects at university or in the workforce.

Start viewing school projects as opportunities to develop your collaborative skills. A group always performs better when peers support each other and play as a team. See what you contribute to a project and where your strengths lie. Doing this will allow you to work more collaboratively and acknowledge where you can add value to the team.

Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving
By developing the ability to think critically and solve problems in school, you will be better equipped to take responsible action on the complex problems that may arise in the future.

These skills can be easily developed by looking at a problem presented in class and seeing all the different ways you can tackle it, rather than just one. Regardless of what you choose to do after school, the ability to critically and creatively think about problems is an invaluable life skill.

Learning how to network is great career preparation and being able to get along with others is one of life’s most handy skills. Building relationships is often the key to success in the workforce. Being able to work well with others, even if there’s a difference in opinion, is incredibly useful in education, the workforce and day-to-day life as well.

Building relationships with your peers and teachers will set you up with a good support network and will also show you how you can transfer this skill to the next stage in your life. Successful people always know how to use the resources available to them.

Self-Reflection and Self-Awareness
Reflecting on your actions and being aware of your thoughts will help you be a more considerate person now and in the future. Being self-aware will also let you develop your personality, discover your likes and dislikes, and find out what your future goals are.

This opens up a pathway which allows you to realise what your passions are and how you can follow them. If sport is what drives you, then there is nothing stopping you from following this passion now. At SEDA College, we encourage students who know what they want to speak up, lead the way and become true game changers.