Who is SEDA College Victoria?

At SEDA College Victoria (SEDA) we create a wealth of opportunity for our students and deliver a hands-on experience that helps them unlock their potential. We change student’s lives through individual learning by developing real skills and preparing them for a successful future.

Our students have the opportunity to successfully complete their senior secondary education and gain valuable Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualifications that are recognised across Australia.
As one of Australia’s leading education providers, SEDA offers students direct pathways to further education and successful careers.

We empower year 11 and year 12 students with real-world skills and experience and encourage them to explore ways to turn their passion into a great career. In partnership with state and national sporting and trade organisations, we are committed to providing students with industry opportunities through our industry-based learning programs.


SEDA College is an independent, co-educational Year 11 to Year 12 school.

The SEDA College Board has adopted the SEDA Group philosophy, and entered into a contract with the SEDA Group that allows the College to deliver the SEDA model and its curriculum, while providing access to leading Victorian industry partnerships including Cricket Australia, Cricket Victoria, Netball Victoria, Basketball Victoria, Melbourne Victory, Melbourne City, Tennis Victoria, Swimming Victoria, Sailing Victoria, Life Saving Victoria, Tennis Victoria, a number of AFL Clubs, Arena and Songroom.

The Board chose the SEDA model as the foundation for SEDA College as a result of the model’s success in engaging, educating and empowering young people in Victoria, Western Australia, New South Wales and the Northern Territory.

What makes for an engaging education? For us, the key component is interest-based learning. The College promotes a model of learning that places the student and their life choices at the centre of everything we do. Young people and their families choose SEDA College because it connects their interest to their education. As a school, our aim is to develop an engaging and caring learning environment which fosters the holistic growth of each young person, whilst providing a range of pathways to lifelong learning.

SEDA College delivers VCAL certification using an applied learning pedagogy which means hands-on learning happens both inside and outside of the classroom. Through this applied learning model, students have a deeper connection to their education, resulting in enhanced engagement levels.

Students also undertake industry placement and community project work as part of the program, to develop their work readiness and community awareness.

SEDA College promotes strong relationships between students and staff. The ‘one teacher, one classroom’ model allows the teacher to know each young person, their personal circumstances and their career aspirations. The teacher works with each student to develop their confidence as learners and skills for life. Amongst other skills, our staff are specifically recruited for their capacity to build healthy and respectful relationships with students. SEDA College is committed to Child Safety and the creation of an environment in which all young people feel safe, included and welcome. All staff have a responsibility to contribute to this environment and ensure that they interact with students in a manner that actively promotes the rights of young people.

Our vision is that students benefit from being exposed to a range of learning opportunities. Each student develops a career development plan, that is specific to each students aspirations and goals and makes direct links to the learning activates they undertake and their chosen career pathway.

It is our intention to produce graduates who are confident learners, care for and about others and are optimistic about their future. Our hope is that they will be well-rounded individuals who want to make a difference on both the local and global stage.

Heath McMillin
Principal – SEDA College



After graduating from SEDA in 2012, Ben had a series of jobs within the sporting industry including Community Programs Assistant at Cricket Australia and Communications Co-Ordinator at AIME. Ben has risen to the rank of co-CEO with AIME at just twenty-three years old. He is passionate about advocating for the aboriginal people and wants to continue changing the face of the country.


Community Ambassador for Melbourne City
SInce completing the Melbourne City Sports Development Program, Leeroy has
Worked in the Melbourne City Community department and through his good work was selected in their Young Leaders program which has seen him travel to Manchester City twice to be part of their Youth Summit.


AFLW Footballer/BBLW Cricketer
Since graduating, Kirsty has begun study at Victoria University in the Bachelor of Exercise Science and Human Movement/Bachelor of Psychological Studies with the aim of becoming a strength and conditioning coach. Kirsty plays for both the AFLW Western Bulldogs and Melbourne Renegades BBLW team.


AFL Western Bulldogs Players
Since graduating SEDA, Roarke went on to play with the Western Bulldogs as their first pick in the 2014 NAB AFL draft.
After missing the first half of 2016 rehabilitating from the knee reconstruction, Smith worked his way back into the senior line-up for the Round 22 clash against Essendon


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