Melbourne City FC Sports Development Program

The Melbourne City FC Sports Development Program provides you with the opportunity to work with an elite sporting club while completing your Years 11 and 12.




Leading staff from Melbourne City FC work with you to provide an understanding of how the club operates. This will provide you with an understanding of what it is like to work in the inner sanctum of the football industry and give you the opportunity to build strong connections with industry experts.

As you progress through the program you are exposed to a number of experiences that match your interest and help you prepare for a career linked to the football and a range of other industries.


Year 11

  • VCALINT001 Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (Intermediate)
  • SIS20115 Certificate II in Sport and Recreation

Year 12

  • VCALSEN001 Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (Senior)
  • SIS30115 Certificate III in Sport and Recreation

*SEDA College (Victoria) provides training and assessment services, individual support services and recruitment of prospective learners on behalf of SEDA Group (RTO Provider: 22503)

Areas of Study

You’ll receive valuable information on athlete training and development from leading industry professionals from state and national sporting bodies. As an athlete, you will have regular access to gym and fitness facilities. We will encourage you to explore all aspects of fitness and sport including fitness testing, anatomy/physiology, data analysis, energy systems, training principles and more.
Through MyPlan meetings and the work that you do in The Apprentice and on your Structured Work Placement You will explore career pathways in real workplace settings and acquire transferable skills that employers value. The SEDA College Program will also give you the opportunity to work at high profile sport and recreational events. Our teaching staff and Pathways Team members guide you for the entire length of the program.
Develop your, leadership, and administrative skills by organising a sporting club and participating in competitions. You will not only compete in sporting events, but you’ll also receive real life learning as you explore what happens behind the scenes in running a sporting club.
Working in teams you will act as a global citizen by planning organising and implementing a project for your local community. You will develop projects that address community based problems and will link with community partners to implement innovative solutions that have direct benefits to an identified community group. Teamwork within projects will allow you to grow your skills in communication, problem-solving, and management.
Designed to develop a better you, SEDA College aims to develop your physical and mental wellbeing to cope with the things that life throws at you. In Healthy Living you will investigate respectful relationships, driver education and safe partying to better equip yourself to deal with the types of situations that can and do arise when you are out and about with friends and family.
Our students get a head start in their careers through our Structured Work Placement. This hands-on learning experience is delivered one day a week. Students gain a good understanding of the duties they might be expected to perform in the workplace and they’ll acquire the skills that prospective employers need and want in their employees.

Opportunities and Learning Experiences

You get to experience a number of unique opportunities including:

  • Match day assistance at Melbourne City FC home games
  • The opportunity to secure a work placement with Melbourne City FC
  • Delivery of Melbourne City FC football clinics
  • Coaching and officiating at Melbourne City FC gala days
  • Delivery of the Melbourne City FC World Cup
  • Observing Melbourne City FC training sessions
  • Grassroots Football Coaching Course

The Melbourne City FC Team

Our team are passionate industry professionals with backgrounds ranging across a range of areas including the education, football and other sporting industries. The combined efforts and thinking of this dynamic group enables students to receive a first class senior secondary education which leads to study and employability skills that are transferable across numerous industries.

You will have access to industry experts and you will learn from a range of Melbourne City FC staff as well as other players and coaches.

Playing the Game

You will have the opportunity to be coached by Melbourne City FC staff to assist you to improve your game. These sessions, along with specially designed sessions focussed on performance training, skill development, tactical sessions and fitness training for football, will see you given every opportunity to enhance your skills as player.