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SEDA College provides an innovative learning environment and a curriculum aligned to students interests to inspire success.

Where is SEDA College?

Classroom venues

Our classrooms aren’t like those in most secondary schools, we have classrooms at sport, recreation and trade facilities, so students learn by being immersed in their chosen industry.

*Note: SEDA College venues are subject to change.


SEDA College is the largest provider of the Victoria Cerificate of Applied Learning (VCAL). VCAL is a recognised senior secondary qualification for students in Years 11 and 12.

Student complete the following levels of VCAL at SEDA College:

As an industry focused VCAL, what sets us apart from the rest is our relationship with renowned industry bodies, allowing you to gain a wide range of learning experiences within the industry.



SEDA College Victoria is the biggest provider of VCAL in Victoria, delivering a specialised industry focused program. Students complete their Intermediate and Senior VCAL over two years, alongside their VET qualifications. More information about VCAL and VET at SEDA College can be found here
SEDA College classes are structured to be delivered in an applied learning setting. Students complete their senior secondary certificate, alongside VET qualifications in the areas of sport and recreation, via a hands-on curriculum. Students’ curriculum includes activities based in the classroom, the workplace and the community.
Students travel to the program via public transport. The SEDA College program aims to develop students’ independence, confidence and time management skills and independent travel is part of this self-development.
No, all students leave their current school to attend SEDA College programs. SEDA College is a registered independent co-educational senior secondary school.
No, instead the College offers students entrance into further education via the completion of a Diploma with SEDA Group (RTO 22503) . Following their Diploma Program, students apply to education institutions as non-Year 12 applicants. Institutions look at a student’s grades in the Diploma program, work experience, volunteer work and other achievements when assessing their application. Students also receive guaranteed entry into a number of courses with SEDA Group’s university partners, subject to meeting eligibility criteria.  Further information about our university partners and guaranteed pathways can be found here
Selection into SEDA College’s Sport Development Programs are not dependent on skill and students of all skill levels may apply and participate in the program. Selection into Talented Player Programs is dependent on skill. Students must be playing at the required level and must attend trials prior to selection.
We hold SEDA College Open Days in metropolitan Melbourne twice a year where you can see the SEDA College programs in action. We also hold information sessions in regional areas where you can hear about the program and meet our regional staff. Please see our Events Page for further details about upcoming events and sessions.