We take a holistic and integrated approach to your final two years of school, with a curriculum and individual high-performance training plan that challenges you to get the best out of yourself. At SEDA College you will:

The Student

Your success as a student and learner is the cornerstone to everything. It is here that you develop the skills to succeed as an athlete and beyond any sporting goals you may have.

Experience an education program that is highly engaging and in context for you, combining the business of sport, coaching methods, sports science, high-performance training, skill development and personal development, where you are educated and mentored by highly credentialed people from SEDA and in the sports industry.

As the Student, you get to test career possibilities, develop networks and get the skills for your life beyond football.

The Athlete

The Individual High-Performance Training Plan covers a number of key areas:

  • Skill acquisition and game play
  • Skill assessment and analysis, expert coaching, individual game analysis, match review and assessment
  • Fitness & Diet
  • Physical assessment, screening and fitness testing, healthy eating, game preparation, recovery and injury prevention/management
  • Individual strength and conditioning program
  • Mental preparation