Be A Game Changer

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We know that students in their final school years have a lot on their minds. Preparing for further education or the workforce and growing up, while still having fun with peers are just some of the challenges they face. Students may already have a vision for their future and know their passions, however are unsure of how to make them … Read More

2019 Student Leadership Announcement

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SEDA College is delighted to announce the student leaders for 2019. On Tuesday 26th of March, 71 newly appointed student leaders from across Victoria had the opportunity to attend a leadership workshop, facilitated by SEDA College staff and industry experts. Coordinating the leadership program for 2019, Regional Manager, Brad Martin stated: “The leadership program is designed to develop this group … Read More

Growth Mindset

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Over 30 years ago, Stanford Professor Carol Dweck pioneered research that revealed the impact our minds play on our ability to develop and attain future success. Understanding the impact that mindset has on accomplishment is crucial to success at school and the workplace. Some are able to rebound and learn from their failures, while others cannot overcome even the smallest … Read More