2022 Student Fees

SEDA College fees for new Year 11 and Year 12 students in 2022 are set out by program below:

Sports Development Program$4,995$2,870$5,305$3,180
High Performance Program – Cricket and Football (Soccer)$6,455$4,330$6,815$4,690
High Performance Program – AFL$7,195$5,070$7,505$5,380
Building and Trade$4,125$2,250$4,295$2,420

SEDA College Student Fees are indicative and are subject to change. If accepted, following your interview a $1200 deposit will be required on the day to secure your position in the College. The concession fee is dependent on provision of a valid eligible means tested Concession Card and the continuation of funding by the Victorian Department of Education and Training.

What do the Fees Include?

  • Tuition expenses
  • Annual uniform allocation
  • Some incursions/excursions
  • Student insurance
  • Specialist coaching/playing opportunities if applicable
  • Provision of a notebook computer (contains all coursework, no books required for purchase and students retain on completion of Year 12)
  • Vocational Education and Training Qualifications (VET)

*Charges for optional camps, excursions and programs are payable in addition to the Student Fees

Student Fees Assistance

SEDA College understands that circumstances change for some families, making it difficult for them to meet financial obligations in the short term. The College has a genuine desire to help families afford a quality education for their children and therefore families of current students who are experiencing severe short term financial difficulties may be offered Bursary Assistance. Due to limited funds being available for bursaries, not all students who apply for Bursary Assistance will be successful.

Families of current students who would like to be considered for Bursary Assistance should contact SEDA College Finance on 1800 11 7332 or via email at finance@scv.vic.edu.au for more information.

Student Fees Policy

For full details of the SEDA College Fee Policy please refer to the attached document. If you require any additional information please contact SEDA College Finance on 1800 11 7332 or finance@scv.vic.edu.au

Download a copy of the SEDA College Prospectus to learn more