The SEDA College Building and Trade Program is specifically designed for students who want to develop the skills and knowledge required to get an apprenticeship in the Building and Construction industry. 

Students get exposure to multiple trades through practical and industry experiences, whilst completing their Senior Secondary Education.

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The program integrates VCE VM and VET whilst immersing students in industry. This enables students to develop key work skills, both theoretical and practical, that are essential for gaining an apprenticeship in the Building and Construction industry.

Year 11

Year 12

** Delivered and assessed by Apprenticeships Group Australia (RTO Provider: 3829) and SkillInvest (RTO Provider: 4192).

Study Areas

Our VCE VM Study Areas are developed around projects that align with our students’ interests.

This Study Area is designed to build student knowledge and skills in managing their own mind and body for the demands of the building and construction industry. Students are exposed to a range of resources relating to exercise, nutrition and mental health to help them develop a holistic approach to coping in a physically demanding work environment.

We encourage students to create projects for themselves and the community using a broad range  of trade skills like plastering, bricklaying, carpentry and wall and floor tiling. Students will study both traditional and contemporary approaches to building and learn how to use emerging technologies. There is a focus on ‘Green Building’ and the need for creating environmentally friendly living spaces. They will get the chance to examine 5-Star Rating Systems in the building and construction industry.

This Study Area focuses on developing leadership and management skills. Students will learn a variety of skills ranging from developing a business proposal to starting and running a business. We will help students develop the skills to manage both their time and money.

We recognise the need for SEDA College students to grow and develop in the areas of communication, problem-solving and teamwork. We want to empower them to be global citizens and find innovative solutions to problems. For this study area, students will undertake activities including building and repair work, teaching skills to children or organising community projects.

The students’ work placements and the structured workplace learning (SWL) that ensues, informs this integrated Study Area. Students explore their career pathways in real work settings and acquire transferrable skills that employers value. Students explore the value of volunteering, while building their resume and connecting with key professionals in their chosen industry. SWL provides students with a hands-on learning experience one day a week from Term 2 onwards. Students record their experiences on placement; develop workplace documents such as emails, resumes and cover letters; and participate in mock interviews to gain an in-depth understanding of workplace expectations.

Develop the skills and attributes needed to work in the building and trade industry. In Year 11, students will complete units in a variety of areas such as Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical and Bricklaying before completing a full Certificate II in Building and Construction in Year 12.


We work alongside organisations in the Building and Construction industry, who assist in facilitating real life industry experiences and student opportunities.

There are a range of opportunities and experiences including:

  • One day a week work placement opportunities in the Building and Construction Industry
  • Commercial and Domestic building site visits
  • Applied learning environment integrated with industry and community projects
  • Guest Speakers from leaders within the Building and Construction Industry
  • Strength and Conditioning programs to ensure students can meet the physical demands of working within building and construction
  • Apprenticeship and pathways support

The Building and Trade team are industry experienced education professionals. With a strong passion for building and construction, the team delivers a hands-on industry based curriculum to ensure students are empowered with the right skills, knowledge and attitude for a successful future.

  • White Card
  • Level II First Aid


Selection into SEDA College’s programs is based on an online application and interview process.

To be eligible to attend SEDA College, applicants must display the following traits and qualities:

  • Ability to be a positive SEDA College brand ambassador
  • Ability to complete the relevant senior secondary certificate
  • Suited to applied learning and a real life learning environment
  • Have the maturity to manage unsupervised work and learning tasks
  • Independent learners that can handle travel and a flexible learning model


Entry – 2024
Individuals must be born between 01/01/06 – 30/04/08 and must have successfully completed Year 10 or equivalent.

Entry – 2025
Individuals must be born between 01/01/07 – 30/04/09 and must have successfully completed Year 10 or equivalent.


SEDA College fees for Year 11 and 12 students are inclusive of the following:

  • Tuition expenses
  • Annual uniform allocation
  • Some incursions/excursions
  • Student insurance
  • Specialist coaching/playing opportunities if applicable
  • Provision of a notebook computer (contains all coursework, no books required for purchase and students retain on completion of Year 12)
  • Vocational Education and Training Qualifications (VET)

*Charges for optional camps, excursions and programs are payable in addition to the Student Fees


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Wednesday 14th August 2024

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25th July 2024 - 7pm

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If you’re looking to complete Years 11 & 12 immersed in sport, then register for our Open Day and discover the SEDA College difference.
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