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High Performance Program

Complete your secondary education in a high-performance training environment.

Students develop elite training habits through specialised training sessions and individualised strength and conditioning programs. The HPP is designed to complement a student’s involvement in their elite sporting pathways whilst supporting the completion of their Senior Secondary Education.

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Our curriculum is designed to connect students to ideas, skills and knowledge that can be applied far beyond the boundaries of a classroom.

Year 11

Year 12

*SEDA College (Victoria) provides training and assessment services, individual support services and recruitment of prospective learners for this qualification on behalf of SEDA Group (RTO Provider: 22503).

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Areas of Study

Our VCE VM Study Areas are developed around projects that align with our students’ interests.

Through a range of practical experiences, students learn about athlete training and development, data analysis, anatomy/physiology, energy systems, training principles, nutrition, and sport specific training. Through the VCE VM Literacy Skills units students will work in groups, developing their collaborative, problem solving and teamwork skills as they put their ideas into action.

SEDA College aims to develop a student’s physical and mental wellbeing to cope with the things that life throws at them. With a strong literacy focus, Healthy Living involves students investigating respectful relationships, drugs and alcohol, safe partying, and social inclusion all of which aim to better equip students within our current society.

The VCE VM Personal Development Skills units provides the framework for projects in this Study Area. Students develop an understanding of the influence of sport in the community and how it can shape culture, behaviour and bring people together as they link with community groups to organise and run community projects and activities.

Sporting clubs have a considerable influence on community life and culture. With a strong VCE VM Work Related Skills and Numeracy focus, students will have the opportunity to consult with sporting bodies and associations to plan, organise, design, and manage their own club.

The students’ work placements and the structured workplace learning (SWL) that ensues, informs this integrated Study Area. Students explore their career pathways in real work settings and acquire transferrable skills that employers value. Students explore the value of volunteering, while building their resume and connecting with key professionals in their chosen industry. SWL provides students with a hands-on learning experience one day a week from Term 2 onwards. Students record their experiences on placement; develop workplace documents such as emails, resumes and cover letters; and participate in mock interviews to gain an in-depth understanding of workplace expectations.

Develop the skills and attributes needed to teach sport skills to a wide variety of people. Access SEDA’s industry experts and sporting partners to gain a greater understanding of coaching principles and the development of coaching sessions. In Year 11 and Year 12 students undertake VET qualifications in sport and recreation, providing the opportunity to gain experience in a variety of areas within the industry.


The College combines its expert knowledge with unrivalled football industry networks, where we connect your education to the basketball industry, as well as developing your High-Performance Plan that is designed to improve your basketball. We focus on you in the following areas: 

Students will have access to a range of leading professionals in their sport to support their athletic and sporting development. A strong focus is placed on providing them with the necessary skills and knowledge to embed elite training habits and standards in their preparation, approach to training, games, and recovery.

Students will be monitored and tracked through the use of an Athlete Management System. This ensures their wellbeing remains at the forefront of their time in the HPP program and allows for training loads to be adjusted and customised through individualised strength and conditioning programs.

Educational and skill based curriculum:

  • Victorian Certificate of Education – Vocational Major (VCE VM)
  • Certificate III in Sport and Recreation 
  • Industry pathways 
  • Coaching and mentoring 

Your High Performance Plan will cover a number of key areas:

  • Skill acquisition and Basketball development
  • Fitness and nutrition
  • Sports psychology and wellbeing
  • Leadership and goal setting


Selection into SEDA College’s programs is based on an online application and interview process.

    • To be eligible to trial, applicants must be playing at the following level:
      • Junior Big V
      • VJBL 3 or higher
    • Eligible for direct entry
      • National Performance Program
      • Victoria Metro or Country Representatives
      • State Development Program – if the student is playing VJBL1 and not VC, a trial is required
      • NBL 1 – development players
      • VC & VC reserve

Entry – 2024
Individuals must be born between 01/01/06 – 30/04/08 and must have successfully completed Year 10 or equivalent.

Entry – 2025
Individuals must be born between 01/01/07 – 30/04/09 and must have successfully completed Year 10 or equivalent.

SEDA College fees for Year 11 and 12 students are inclusive of the following:

  • Tuition expenses
  • Annual uniform allocation
  • Some incursions/excursions
  • Student insurance
  • Specialist coaching/playing opportunities if applicable
  • Provision of a notebook computer (contains all coursework, no books required for purchase and students retain on completion of Year 12)
  • Vocational Education and Training Qualifications (VET)

*Charges for optional camps, excursions and programs are payable in addition to the Student Fees


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Monday 20th May 2024 - 7pm

Online via ZOOM

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Information Session

5th June 2024 - 7pm

SEDA College Head Office, HAWTHORN EAST

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If you’re looking to complete Years 11 & 12 immersed in sport, then register for an Information Session and discover the SEDA College difference. 

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5th June 2024 - 7pm


*Online attendance also available

If you’re looking to complete Years 11 & 12 immersed in sport, then register for one of our Information Sessions and discover the SEDA College difference.
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