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SEDA College is an Independent Senior Secondary School and the largest provider of the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL).lskdfjsdknjds 



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The SEDA Model

The SEDA model places student interest at the forefront of their Senior Secondary education, alongside a practical connection to industry. Students at our school are able to gain a first-hand insight into what it is like be a part of Australia’s leading organisations and Sporting clubs.

The enhancement of our exclusive High Performance Programs in AFL, Cricket and Football (Soccer) also empower eligible students to complete their Senior Secondary education in a high performance training environment.

Our ‘one teacher, one classroom’ model allows our teachers to take on a true mentoring approach, where they walk alongside and support the individual journey of our students as they complete their secondary education.

SEDA College Classrooms are located in quality sport, community and recreation facilities across Victoria. This allows students to work on community projects that are meaningful to them whilst developing a greater insight into the lives of other people in their community.

2020 Class Venues can be located here.

Industry Partners

SEDA College partners with major sporting brands and organisations that facilitate real life industry experiences and student opportunities. The Program integrates VCAL and Vocational Education and Training (VET) where students are immersed in industry through unique inductions, community events and work placements. This combination enables our students to acquire the skills to support future educational and employment pathways.

We proudly partner with these organisations.

Download a copy of the SEDA College Prospectus to learn more