Teacher Profile: Andrew Teakel

At SEDA College our teachers are vehicles of change. They are experts in their fields, helping students to develop their individual passions and achieve outstanding success. Throughout the year we will be sitting down with our teaching staff and discovering what it’s like being an educator at SEDA College.

Get to know Andrew Teakel

Venue / Class and number of years you’ve been teaching at SEDA?

I teach at the Dandenong venue for our Building & Trade Program, this will be my 7th year at SEDA College.

What originally drove you to apply for a job at SEDA College?

I was originally drawn to the SEDA program as an AFL teacher, I valued how the program used the sports industry to engage students. Since then, being able to create a program that is based around the construction industry has kept me motivated.

Why do you think the SEDA model works for so many students?

Being able to finish Year 11 & 12, while being active in your future industry, is the major component for success for many students. Students quickly see the value in completing their senior secondary in this way.

What makes teaching at SEDA unique?

The aspect of teaching at SEDA that I find most unique is the flexibility we can offer to each student. Knowing that not all students are the same and being able to adjust, big or small, to help support or extend that student.

What’s the most rewarding thing about being a SEDA teacher?

The most rewarding part of teaching at SEDA comes after the students have completed their course and have started working. I enjoy hearing their stories of successfully entering and loving their apprenticeships.

As a teacher, what do you like most about the ‘1 teacher to 1 class model’?

The ‘1 teacher to 1 class model’ allows me to build more meaningful relationships with each student. It also allows us to really integrate our curriculum so that students are receiving a holistic experience, which is more relevant to how they will use their knowledge in the workforce.

Have there been any experiences or events that have been a standout for you during your time at SEDA? (E.g. an industry event your class has been involved with, SEDA Cup, Snow Trip, Clinics) 

By far my favourite experience whilst at SEDA is our yearly volunteer building camp. Being able to get away from the classroom for a few days and give up our time to assist other people provides not only a positive experience for students, but for me as a teacher as well.

 At the start of the year, new students can be nervous about starting at a new school. What are some of the things you do to make new students feel welcomed?

The first few weeks of the school year in the Building Program are really designed to ensure students are building new friendships, not only in our small class but also in the broader region of SEDA classes. Like all SEDA classes, it is a high priority to provide a safe and enjoyable place for students to learn and be successful.



Information Session

5th June 2024 - 7pm

SEDA College Head Office, HAWTHORN EAST

*Online attendance also available
If you’re looking to complete Years 11 & 12 immersed in sport, then register for an Information Session and discover the SEDA College difference. 

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5th June 2024 - 7pm


*Online attendance also available

If you’re looking to complete Years 11 & 12 immersed in sport, then register for one of our Information Sessions and discover the SEDA College difference.
*registration is required to attend