Teacher Profile: Tim Nunn

At SEDA College our teachers are vehicles of change. They are experts in their fields, helping students to develop their individual passions and achieve outstanding success. Throughout the year we will be sitting down with our teaching staff and discovering what it’s like being an educator at SEDA College.

Get to know Tim Nunn:

As a teacher, Tim is widely acknowledged by his peers for the genuine care and support he provides his students. Tim’s down to earth approach allows him to gain an authentic connection with students and create a learning environment that young adults thrive in.

Away from the classroom, Tim has had extensive experience travelling and working as a teacher overseas. He is an accomplished cricketer having progressed through the Cricket Victoria talent pathway as a junior and coached at numerous District and Sub District clubs. Tim is also passionate about raising awareness for mental health and has completed post graduate studies in positive psychology. He has delivered multiple workshops to his colleagues, educating others on how to support and mentor young people during challenging times.

Hear from Tim below:

Venue and number of years you’ve been teaching at SEDA?
I have been teaching in the program for seven years and have worked in a variety of roles whilst at SEDA College. These roles include the Cricket Australia Sports Development Program (SDP) at Box Hill, Cricket Australia High Performance Program (HPP) and I am now working with Melbourne Victory and Cricket Australia Programs in Geelong.

What originally drove you to apply for a job at SEDA College?
I wanted to work at SEDA College because it combines both, my love of teaching and working with in the sporting industry. It is great to see the SEDA College students get the opportunity to work with our sporting partners and in real life work situations.

Why do you think the SEDA model works for so many students?
Our program allows students to learn in an authentic work environment. All students get to explore what they are passionate about by being in a variety of different situations. I also believe the student-teacher relationship has a big impact on the way our students learn. It is much more of an adult learning environment, which our students appreciate.

What makes teaching at SEDA unique?
We work very closely with students and parents over a two-year period. This helps build strong relationships, allowing us to individualise student learning to help all our students achieve success.

What’s the most rewarding thing about being a SEDA teacher?
The most rewarding thing about being a SEDA teacher is seeing our students finish Year 12 and go on to work or study in an area they are passionate about.

As a teacher, what do you like most about the ‘one teacher, one class model’?
The ‘one teacher, one class model’ allows me to understand my students, how they learn and what they are interested in. Knowing this, means I can modify the curriculum and learning to help engage my class in what they are interested in.

Have there been any experiences or events that have been a standout for you during your time at SEDA?
The SEDA experiences are always favourites for the students. These are a great chance for different classes to get together and our class to bond outside the classroom. It is hard to say what the favourite is, but the Snow Trip and surfing are always good fun.

What can parents and students expect during their first few weeks of the SEDA Program?
Before students start, we have our MyPlan meetings. These are a great opportunity to meet one-on-one with parent and students to answer any questions or queries that students have prior to the school year.

The other great thing we have is Orientation Week. This week is always an action-packed week. Over the course of this week, we do plenty of team building activities that help the students get to know myself (teacher) and the group. Our sporting partners come in to run the coaching accreditation; this gives the new students a better understanding on what the clinics look like. After this week, the students have a much better picture of the College and are ready to hit the ground running the week after.

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24th July 2024 - 7pm

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If you’re looking to complete Years 11 & 12 immersed in sport, then register for our Open Day and discover the SEDA College difference.
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