Kick start your career in the building & Trade industry

with a tailored Year 11 and 12 Program at SEDA College alongside leading industry experts.



We plan and develop the curriculum with the building and construction industry. This helps you to connect your learning experiences to the type of activities and projects you might undertake if working as a 5 Star Apprentice. We aim to give you the skills and knowledge to obtain and complete your apprenticeship.

Year 11

  • VCALINT001 Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (Intermediate)
  • Multi Industry – Trade Tester – Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical and Bricklaying

Year 12

  • VCALSEN001 Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (Senior)
  • 22216VIC Certificate II Pre-Apprenticeship Carpentry*

*Delivered and Assessed by AGA and Skillinvest

Areas of Study

We nurture our students, leading them towards a healthy and productive lifestyle so they’re physically fit to perform physical work. You will create a fitness and gym program and participate in fitness sessions to improve your stamina and physical wellbeing.
We encourage students to create projects for themselves and the community using a broad range of trade skills like plastering, bricklaying, carpentry, and wall and floor tiling. You will study both traditional and contemporary approaches to building and learn how to use emerging technologies. There is a focus on ‘Green Building’ and the need for creating environmentally friendly living spaces. You will get the chance to examine 5-Star Rating Systems in the Building and Construction Industry and develop transferable skills.
The focus here is on developing leadership and management skills. You will learn all aspects of starting and running a business. This teaches you to handle the challenges that most entrepreneurs face and helps you develop your time and money management skills.
We recognise the need for SEDA College students to grow and develop in the areas of communication, problem-solving and management. We want to empower them to be global citizens at work and find innovative solutions for social problems. For this study area, you will undertake community activities like building and repair work and organise community projects.



Opportunities and Learning Experiences

There are a range of opportunities and experiences including:

  • Work placement opportunities in multiple trades with industry experts
  • Accessing a variety of domestic and commercial building sites
  • Applied learning environment integrated within industry
  • Guest speakers from leaders within the building and construction industry
  • Tailored health and fitness programs to ensure you can meet the demands of working within building and construction
  • Development of employability skills – 5 Star Apprentices
  • Goal Setting, Pathways and Apprenticeship Support
  • Engaging with community partners to have a positive impact through various projects

The Building & Trade Team

Our team is made of professionals who have extensive experience in education and the building and trade industry. We combine our thinking and efforts to provide a practical, hands-on learning environment to help you develop industry knowledge and employability skills you need to work in the industry.

Additional Industry Qualifications

  • White Card
  • Level II First Aid

On the Tools

As a part of going to school, you get to apply what you learn using the same tools tradesmen use. You will also take part in a number of practical projects to improve your employability skills and apprenticeship opportunities.