Tennis Victoria Sports Development Program

Connect with the tennis industry and complete your years 11 and 12 in the Tennis Victoria Sports Development Program. The program will provide you with an opportunity to complete a practical curriculum and get involved in the types of activities you would expect to experience if you were employed in the tennis industry.

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You will learn from key staff at Tennis Victoria, who will help provide you with the knowledge and skills to assist with your future pathway into employment or further education.


Year 11

  • VCALINT001 Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (Intermediate)
  • SIS20115 Certificate II in Sport and Recreation

Year 12

  • VCALSEN001 Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (Senior)
  • SIS30115 Certificate III in Sport and Recreation

Areas of Study

You will have the opportunity to develop the skills necessary for turning your passion for coaching into a successful career. In addition, you have the chance to network with SEDA College’s sporting partners and leaders in the industry to learn coaching principles and develop coaching sessions. You get to hone your skills in a real world environment in a junior development capacity. You will also have the chance to develop your planning and collaboration skills, and learn how to communicate proficiently with both large and small groups.
You’ll receive valuable information on athlete training and development from leading industry professionals from state and national sporting bodies. As an athlete, you will have regular access to gym and fitness facilities. We will encourage you to explore all aspects of fitness and sport including fitness testing, anatomy/physiology, data analysis, energy systems, training principles and more. We partner with Acceleration Melbourne—a high-performance training organisation that coaches young developing athletes, helping them increase their power, stamina, speed, and endurance.
Start something great by taking the opportunity to work at high profile sport and recreational events through our volunteering programs and structured work placements. You will explore career pathways in real workplace settings and acquire transferable skills that employers value. Our staff members guide you for the entire length of the program. They expose the value of volunteering, build your resume and help you connect with the right professionals in your chosen industry.
SEDA College encourages you to make a difference. If you’ve got the ambition, we have the opportunity to help you realise your full potential. You’ll have the chance to improve your leadership skills and put your ideas into action by organising events and activities out of the classroom. You’ll also recognise the importance of environment sustainability and use measures to conserve nature for future generations.
Develop your athletic, leadership, and administrative skills by participating and organising competitions. You will not only compete in sporting events, but you’ll also receive real life learning as you explore what happens behind the scenes before, after, and during sporting events.
You will learn about the principles and practices of financial management in sport, as well as gain a sound understanding of finance topics like revenue management, sports marketing and athlete salaries. You will study the role of media and communications in the development of sport and find out what strategies major sporting clubs and associations use to drive their success.
Leverage the power and influence of SEDA College’s sporting partners and find out what strategies they use to run and organise sporting events and programs for people with special needs. You will understand the role that sport plays in socialisation and learn more about the impact it has on culture and behaviour. You will also discover how sport can eliminate barriers between communities and create a sense of belonging.
SEDA College gives you time to develop your physical and mental wellbeing. You will have the opportunity to be involved in activities similar to those that athletes experience at the elite level. You’ll lead an active and social lifestyle as you find your pathway to further education or the workforce.

Opportunities and Learning Experiences

The Tennis Victoria Sports Development Program provides valued opportunities and experiences including:

  • Event management with Tennis Victoria in the delivery of tournaments and events which includes the Australian Open
  • Delivery of ANZ Tennis Hotshots in Schools Program with Tennis Victoria
  • Delivery of participation programs with Tennis Victoria at various events, competitions and camps
  • Delivery of School and community tennis clinics
  • ANZ Hotshots Coaching Course
  • Introduction to officiating course
  • Introduction to working with all abilities course

The Tennis Victoria Team

Our professional and enthusiastic team have extensive experience working in the elite tennis industry. Through a hands-on program the team nurtures each students’ individual passion for sport through development of industry based skills that provide pathways for the future.

Playing the Game

The program is based at a premier facility at Tennis World in Albert Park providing you with the opportunity to be involved in sessions to develop your own game. These sessions will include; performance training, skill development, tactical sessions and fitness training all specific to tennis. You will also be involved in sessions that provide you opportunities to participate in a range of other practical sessions to develop your understanding of a broad range of other sports.