VCAL Areas Of Study

Our VCAL is organised around Areas of Study. The flexibility in the delivery of the VCAL strands allows us to design an integrated curriculum aligned to your interests.

Sports Development Programs

The Athlete

You will receive valuable information on athlete training and development from leading industry professionals from state and national sporting bodies. As an athlete, you will have regular access to gym and fitness facilities. We will encourage you to explore all aspects of fitness and sport including fitness testing, anatomy/physiology, data analysis, energy systems, training principles and more. We partner with ACE Melbourne — a high-performance training organisation that coaches young developing athletes, helping them increase their power, stamina, speed and endurance.


Start with a plan and you are on track to create success for yourself. Through MyPLAN meetings, the work that you do in The Apprentice and on your structured work placement, you will explore career pathways in real workplace settings and acquire transferrable skills that employers value. The SEDA College Program will also give you the opportunity to work at high profile sport and recreational events through our volunteering programs. Explore the value of volunteering, while building your resume and connecting with key professionals in your chosen industry.

Healthy Living

Designed to develop a better you, SEDA College aims to develop your physical and mental wellbeing to cope with the things that life throws at you. In Healthy Living you will investigate respectful relationships, driver education and safe partying to better equip yourself to deal with the types of situations that arise when you are out and about with friends and family.

The Great Outdoors

SEDA College encourages you to make a difference. If you’ve got the ambition, we have the opportunity to help you realise your full potential. You will have the chance to improve your leadership skills and put your ideas into action by organising events and activities out of the classroom.

The Money Game

You will learn about the principles and practices of financial management in sport, as well as gain a sound understanding of finance topics like revenue management, sports marketing and athlete salaries. You will study the role of media and communications in the development of sport and find out what strategies major sporting clubs and associations use to drive their success.

Work Placement

Our students get a head start in their careers through our structured work placement. This hands-on learning experience is delivered one day a week. Students gain an indepth understanding of the duties they might be expected to perform in the workplace and they will acquire the skills that prospective employers need and want in their employees.

Talented Player Programs


Our school’s exclusive Talented Player Programs are suited to students looking to complete their education in a high-performance training environment.

Students receive an individual high-performance training plan and industry-based experiences from current athletes and professional coaches. They also receive mentoring and 1-1 advice from key staff members at partner organisations.

The Talented Player Program has been designed to allow students to manage the competing demands of Year 11 and 12 in conjunction with pursuing a professional career as an athlete in Australia and abroad.

Building and Trade


We encourage students to create projects for themselves and the community using a broad range of trade skills like plastering, bricklaying, carpentry and wall and floor tiling. You will study both traditional and contemporary approaches to building and learn how to use emerging technologies. There is a focus on ‘Green Building’ and the need for creating environmentally friendly living spaces. You will get the chance to examine 5-Star Rating Systems in the building and construction industry.


We recognise the need for SEDA College students to grow and develop in the areas of communication, problem-solving and teamwork. We want to empower them to be global citizens at work and find innovative solutions to social problems. For this study area, you will undertake community activities like building and repair work and organise community projects.

Fit For Work

We nurture our students, leading them towards a healthy and productive lifestyle so they are physically fit to perform physical work. You will create a fitness and gym program and participate in fitness sessions to improve your stamina and physical wellbeing.

Smart Business

The focus here is on developing leadership and management skills. You will learn many aspects of starting and running a business. You will learn about the challenges of running a business and we will help you develop the skills to manage your time and money.